Buy Tax: 8%
Sell Tax: 20%

Tax Buy:
3.5% BUSD Distribution
3.5% ADA Distribution
0.7% Burn/Liquidity
0.3% Marketing

Tax Sell:
8.75% BUSD Distribution
8.75% ADA Distribution
1.75% Burn/Liquidity
0.75% Marketing

Overall Distribution:
43.75% BUSD Distribution
43.75% ADA Distribution
8.75% Burn/Liquidity
3.75% Marketing

Relevant Affinity

Community wallet 0x94aA9f895608FCcc27aBB26f442f14D1a2c845fC
Marketing wallet 0x66cF1ef841908873C34e6bbF1586F4000b9fBB5D
Deployer wallet 0x52f7133c413B73c0A988fe6603Be3fee8E01E3e7
Team wallet 0x4653292954c66c2a19b9c8e068b82a964aed783c
Team wallet 0x4fa3122a5f3158ad4d536f79685655ebf559230c
Team wallet 0xccc1dbfee8782bd2a20f3dedfef67cc20a41aa5d


To add Affinity to Trust Wallet and/or Pankcakeswap you will need to manually add the contract wallet below

Symbol: Affinity
Decimals: 9

FUD Busting Points

Periodically you will see selling of the same amount of tokens. This is the contract swapping for BNB to go out and buy BUSD and ADA to then reward holders. This is how the contract was written and designed to work. Do NOT panic!!

- Partnerships
Although Affinity supports many projects across the defi space, at this time we have a strategic partnership with Autocrypto (AU) only.

- Reward Times (no rewards yet)
The contract sends out rewards based on token volume and your individual token holding. Sometimes there can be significant delay in receiving rewards automatically but you WILL get them. Affinity refelctions of BUSD and ADA can also be tracked and manually claimed from our DApp.


Peer-to-peer trading
platform by Affinity
V1 currently Live!


Reward Reflections


Initial Total Supply


Total Burned
After Presale


Our milestones for the vision of Affinity
All dates are projected based on best practices. Items may be completed ahead of schedule if circumstances allow.

Aug 2021
Sept 2021
marketing/ Create proof
of concept
Oct 2021
Nov-Dec 2021
Phase 1 beta
Get listed on
more exchanges
Full Release
Phase 1
Q1 2022
Q2 2022
Phase 2
Growth and
marketing/ Plan next
Q3 2022


What makes Affinity stand out from the many other tokens out there?

Growth Not Pump/Dump
Affinity is designed for real growth over time. It was not created as a means to "get rich quick". Although there will be opportunity to make a profit, reflections reward those who HODL. Getting rewards in two tokens for massive rewards with Affinity! Current use case ADAPT peer-to-peer trading application will be expanded to become THE premier token trading/payment platform!

Locked Liquidity Wallet
Liquidity Pool will be locked until Late December 2021 once contract funtionality is verified. Nobody will have access. This date was chosen to allow flexibility with impending Safemoon blockchain development and possible PCS V3 in the future. No Rug pull possible from dev team!

Not only is Affinity one of the best valued tokens offering reflections in a stable coin BUSD and another coin with very strong growth potential in ADA, we have developed a use case that is very needed in this space. ADAPT allows easier, more secure peer-to-peer transactions.

The longer you hold Affinity, the more you gain. With every transaction holders are rewarded with BUSD and ADA. Over time, this could mean significant gains for doing nothing more than holding on!

Affinity is a deflationary currency with rewards and reflection. Cryptocurrency is inherently extremely volatile. We will do whatever possible to stabilize and ensure Affinity remains a valuable asset for those invested. Affinity Presale and launch was setup to minimize, if not eliminate, massive whale accumulation.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of scam coins out there and people need to be careful. We will seek out audits from many source to build confidence and security to all of those involved. Trust and security are top priorities!

Building Community

We love to think about going "To the moon" but for that to happen, real value and production needs to happen. The crypto world can be a very toxic place and has become increasingly fractured even within the smaller networks of people. Affinity is focused on bringing the crypto community together. By rewarding two tokens, BUSD and ADA, we can expose people to other projects, other communities, and build Affinity. If you are looking to be a part of results, forward thinking, and building value than you may want to consider Affinity.


Who hasn't been through the frustration of sending crypto to the wrong wallet address just to later realize that is was burned or made some unsuspecting persons day? If you haven't, You're lucky!! ADAPT is a simpler way to swap or send cryptocurrency securely, without having to remember (or mess up) a long wallet address. There will be many features added to incorporate two-factor authentication, direct messaging, and escrow swapping to name a few. Please check the Roadmap and watch our socials for updates on development!

Affinity Core Team

The team behind the project. To Affinity and Beyond!

Chris (Cryptorment)

Lead Dev/Founder

Chris spent 22 years in the Air Force and a retired veteran. Spent 10 years as an F-15 avionics technician before switching to Information systems for intel. After 7 years in defense contracting as both a systems engineering and networking engineer, Chris is now a Vice President of networking for a multibillion dollar company. Education includes a bachelors in IT security and a masters in business (MBA). Founder of a nonprofit organization and CEO of a small software company. Chris resides in Massachusetts US.

Paul (TheFakestSlimShady)


Paul is an 11-year Navy Veteran with his Bachelor's of Science in Computer Networks and Cybersecurity. He's been working with IT and IT Security in the private sector for a few years. For his hobbies, Paul enjoys PC gaming with a focus on survival games, although he really enjoys all kinds. In his spare time not spent working (day job and Affinity) or gaming, Paul enjoys a quiet life with his wife and son in the New England area.

"Little" Chris (MemeLord)


Chris F, also known as MemeLord or young Chris, is one of the core team members of Affinity. Prior to the project, Chris served in the United States Marine Corps, in the Information Technology field, where he additionally worked within cyber security. After serving 4 years in the military, he continues to further grow his skillset in the cyber security field. Chris F is 22 years of age, resides in the New England region of the United States and is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Cyber Security and Information Assurance.

Zach (CptPoundTown)


After being born and raised in the North East I entered the military at the age of 17 straight out of high school. I did two years as an operating room specialist serving my time in Texas and then decided I would get out and work in the sales and marketing world back home. I did various sales positions and perfected my craft until I found this glorious dev team. I believe in Affinity because we resemble much more than a BSC project.

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