Affinity was built with community as its guiding principle. It starts by giving maximum rewards directly back into the holders' wallets in the form of BNB and USDC. It continues into this project’s primary use case, ADAPT, which is built to make sending cryptocurrency to friends, family and businesses secure and easier than ever.

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4% of every Affinity token purchase and 9% of every sale is collected and distributed:

  • 10% to holders as reflections (BNB and USDC)
  • 1% to liquidity
  • 2% to marketing

These values may change when staking is reintroduced.

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Token Features

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Reward reflections are acquired from the taxes collected from buys & sells. Holders will receive 50% and 50% of the two reflections automatically. The BNB and USDC rewards are purchased and distributed based on market share of the selected reward.

All rewards are auto distributed based on volume. It could take hours or days to receive automatically but you will get them. Alternatively you can use the dapp to manually claim.

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During each transaction from the contract to acquire rewards in BNB and USDC, a portion is contributed to the token liquidity pool. This facilitates in strengthening the underlying assets (BNB) allowing for a more stable price and more funds backing the Affinity token.


The Affinity contract deletes tokens from the blockchain with every sell/buy that happens through the reward system from taxes. These tokens are not found in the burn wallet, they are permanantly deleted from supply.

  • INITIAL TOTAL SUPPLY: 860,000,000,000 (860 Billion)